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Mirimuffin, 22 years old, born in Düsseldorf
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❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ Waiting for a mad man with a box.

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Yo but what if louis worked in the car motor bike repair store and harry came in saying there was an issue and then he starts flirting and then they hit it off.

omg the first pic <3 

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a show made of epic faces


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A Masterpost: Harry’s Fap Bank



Because Harrys gotta get off too, right?

(Louis’ version of this post lxl)

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A Masterpost: Louis’ Fap Bank



The collection of pictures and gifs, that I’m about 99% sure Louis gets off on, when Harry’s some where doing what hes gotta do (also my personal favorites if you know what i mean…)

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happy day :)


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Favorite Louis Vocals // Midnight Memories (each song)

1. Best Song Ever: bridge 2. Story of my Life: verse 3. Diana: verse 4. Midnight Memories: verse 5. You and I: verse 6.Don’t Forget Where You Belong: bridge 7. Strong: verse 8. Happily: verse 9. Right Now: verse 10. Though the Dark: verse 11. Something Great: ending 12. Better than Words: verse 13. Why Don’t We Go There: bridge 14. Does He Know?: bridge 15. Alive: bridge 16. Half a Heart: verse

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Harry’s gay. Louis’ the prick that calls himself his best mate – making his life a living hell by being the straightest piece of ass ever.
imageThis is the story of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson playing ‘gay chicken’ and losing,…
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